Review Requests

I am currently accepting ARC’s and finished copies from both authors and publishers. I read mainly YA books but also some New Adult. I will look at all requests that are sent to me but I will only accept the books that genuinely interest me, so if I have not replied to you within 2 weeks please consider this as a denial to review your book. I would prefer print copies but will also consider e-books I live in the UK and know that international shipping can be expensive.


Any books I accept for review will take priority, however if the release date is not for a while then I will wait and post the review during the month it is released, unless requested otherwise by the publisher/author. My review will be posted on my blog as well as on Goodreads. 


All reviews are my own opinions but if I do not like a book I am not afraid to write a negative review, however I won’t participate in author bashing and will always be respectful about my opinions.


If you are interested in requesting a review for a book please fill out the google form below.